Within Germany

A great combination for a tour of Germany or the German leg of a European tour would be a trip that includes Berlin, Saxony and neighboring Bavaria. In addition to the large cities of Berlin, Dresden and Munich, beautiful landscapes like Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Alps can be added. En route stops can be made at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Potsdam, Bamberg and Regensburg. A trip from Frankfurt to Dresden can become more rewarding by making stops in Thuringia, a former part of Saxony. There, places that should be visited include Eisenach, the birthplace of composer Johann Sebastian Bach and home of the famous Wartburg Castle, medieval Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, and Weimar, where the poets Goethe and Schiller stand for the highly civilized German culture and the Buchenwald concentration camp stands for the barbarian times in German history. But since every city in Germany is no more than an hour away by plane, any combination is possible.

Outside of Germany

From Dresden, the Polish border at Görlitz is just an hour away. The Czech border is even closer. Thus Saxony, and Berlin, should be part of any tour of Eastern Europe. For decades, East Germany was part of the Eastern Bloc and has many things in common with its other former members. Every trip that includes Prague and Berlin should include a day or more in Dresden. Because of the EC train connection, a combination of Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna and Budapest is very popular and easy to organize. Since the European continent is about the same size as India, it is also easy to cherry-pick destinations and thus combine Saxony with any other place in Europe.