How to do Saxony

Saxony is an extremely safe destination with a great infrastructure. Getting there and getting around is easy. English is spoken by in the tourism sector. English-speaking guides are widely available and there is native Hindi-speaking guide based in Dresden. The older generation normally does not speak much English since it was forced to learn Russian in school during Communist times. But Saxons will go out of their way to assist visitors in need of help.

Getting there

Getting to Saxony is a piece of cake and there is an excellent infrastructure which makes getting around just as easy

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Length of stay

Even one day spent in Saxony will be a memorable experience but it will feel foolish not to stay for awhile

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Where to sleep

Saxony caters for every budget by offering great value for money accommodation ranging from 5-star hotels to hostels

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What to combine with Saxony

A heavenly trip to Saxony can be made even more divine by adding neighboring destinations in Germany and other countries

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How to organize the trip

There are a number of talented organizations which make a trip to Saxony easy and the stay enjoyable

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